New Normal Image

Is it adjusting to going out as before but keeping our distance? Taking temperatures before knocking elbows with a stranger? Avoiding the ignorant staggering out of the pub or refusing to mask up in the supermarket?

What if it changes?

The fears of another wave are not unsubstantiated – but then neither is a vaccine wiping it out within a year – or annual jabs reducing the threat to no more than (which is more than enough), the annual death toll from Flu.

But it isn’t the flu is it – more like the deadly SARS virus that rampaged across the East – until it was “beaten” without a vaccine but mutated instead, to something much more mild and manageable.

What if we stopped saying what?

What if we wore masks when with strangers in confined spaces, stuck to our bubbles, spatially distanced and didn’t kiss people who didn’t have a certificate saying they weren’t infected – Like porn stars having free from AIDS letters before being allowed on set. Yes, that did happen.

Nothing new here – you would be fined if you didn’t wear a helmet on a  motorcycle or a seat belt in a car and you wouldn’t be allowed on a building site without Construction’s version of PPE.

What if we did all we could, as if we’d been doing it all our lives, and let those science bods get on with solving it?

Then what?

THEN we could start re-building – and business needs to – as quickly as possible.

The focus in the media has been on hospitality, retail and leisure – but no matter how many that sector employs – on lower than average wages – they
wouldn’t have customers at all if it weren’t for business-to-business industries paying wages that are spent in leisure and retail establishments.

As all the kerfuffle dies down the emphasis on “essential services” and “key workers” will change – not because those everyday heroes are no longer essential or key – but because going forward, we as a society will need to pay more for them than we have before.

That means higher tax streams – not higher taxes – and that means growth.
Who is going to grow the economy?


Fingers out time.