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If a kitchen fitter turned up with a van load of 2 x 4 and a Tenon Saw – no pre made doors or drawers, no handles, no other tools – not a screwdriver, drill, plane, hammer or the tool box they should be in – you might wonder how he’s going to complete the job.

Just as a kitchen can’t be put to use if all you have is the frame for a carcass made from 2 x 4, however skilfully put together with beautifully crafted Tenon Joints – likewise a website isn’t usable if it is just neat rows of code.

Web design takes coding yes, but also graphic design, photography, animation, video, and outstanding Brand design integrated all the way through every page so the viewer remembers whose site they just visited.

So why would you use a marketing partner that only has a saw?

At Blue Strawberry Elephant we have many skills – the amount of time we spend using each depends entirely on the project in hand – but with every project the skills overlap and intertwine to produce the outcome desired.

A project should never “just” be a website or a brochure or any of the other finished product a client might request a quote for – it shouldn’t be: the business needs a website – It should be: What does the business need?

Ok read it again:
Not: The business needs a website
But: What does the business need?


The first question you need to ask is why you think you need whatever it is you’re talking about – then start again and ask a different question – like:

“Who are we trying to impress?”
“How would they prefer to access information?”
“What, where and how is the best way to grab their attention?”

Given the answer to those questions:

“Do we need everything online – or just enough for them to have to talk to a person in sales?”
An alternative view could be:
“We don’t want to spend time talking to them, it takes too much time – so online sales has to be the way forward.”

All dependent on your product, price point, margin, required RoI etc

You can spend a lot of money on an all singing all dancing website when what you really need is a basic place for customers to find you – leaving money in the budget for beautiful brochures the customer can take away with them once you’ve lured them to the showroom.

You may be in a business that would thrive online with an ecommerce website and a strong Social Media Strategy never spending a penny on printed materials…
…or you could be a business that would be far better off spending money on a couple of pages of beautifully written copy and superbly evocative photography that can be used both online and in that high class glossy brochure.

Or, as is the usual case for SMEs, a mixture of everything!

These are some of the strategy questions to ask – but how many businesses do you know that don’t have any online presence ( 2 Million in the UK ) or only have a website because they were offered a grant to produce it.

What is the point in having a website no one visits or 5,000 brochures sat on a shelf?

Once we have a clear picture of what you need as a business we will then agree what you need in the way of vehicles to deliver your message – and only then get that plan together.

Fair enough?

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