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Virtus Rebrand

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Virtus rebrand
Virtus branding

INAS is the only Global Para Sports Federation providing elite competition, support and regulation for Intellectually Impaired Athletes.

In 2018 INAS carried out a survey of members and stakeholders that resulted in a decision to rename and rebrand the organisation Worldwide.

In 2019 Blue Strawberry Elephant was chosen from a short list of American, Australian and British Design companies, because the INAS Leadership team believed we had the greatest understanding of their vision in moving the organisation forward to a wider audience.

Their aims were to expand their reach and eventually be recognised alongside the Paralympics in the hearts and minds of the general public.

The name also had to have global appeal as it would need to approved by the international board and work in numerous different languages.

While we started the process of tackling the taxonomy of a wide variety of potential Brand names, the INAS management and committee simultaneously wrangled with simplifying the Organisation Name – not the easiest task given the not always syncopated views of World experts on what might be appropriate.

The Organisation name eventually decided on was a reduction from “The International Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments” to simply “World Intellectual Impairment Sport”.

But we needed something else – something the Athletes would be proud to wear on merchandise and sports kit, something they could chant and something that increased their feeling of belonging.

Of all the names we devised and suggested “Virtus” with definitions that included courage, determination and resourcefulness was chosen – but it wasn’t just a brand name that we presented to the Multinational Board.

We took the many definitions and synonyms of the latin name and created one word descriptions for the four main activities of the Organisation, and another four that described the characteristics of the Athletes.

The Logo font has been crafted to represent movement, pride and celebration. We then added a unique hand rendered 8 part logo with 4 elements to represent the main purposes of the Organisation and 4 elements to represent the character of Athletes. The 8, put together asymmetrically convey movement, and represent how the Organisation supports the Athletes.

The presentation was unanimously accepted in full by the Board, and the new name, brand and logo was unveiled at the INAS Global Games Closing Ceremony in Brisbane on October the 19th 2019.

Always going the extra mile we also produced Virtus Logos for each member country in their own national or sporting colours and Regional Logos to cover all competitions – which are being rolled out across the 80 member countries as we write – we’re looking forward to seeing the Virtus Athletes competing at Tokyo 2020.