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Through long discussions it was decided to make a big deal of  “Valve” – it was the name, it was the product and it was about to become a Brand – but the Brand had to be different from anything else in the industry (as the company was going to be), so we started with the colour.… and the colour was Pink!

We produced the Brand, the first Website, the 10 page laminated roll fold and the backdrop for the Talking Head videos.

That was 2012 / 13 – and was followed by collaboration in direct mail, inbox flyers, numerous bits of print and e-shot projects – and the company grew.

“Genius” and “Brain Surgery” presentation brochures followed – there was nothing like them in the process industries.

A move to larger premises and a recruitment drive brought team mates who were excited by his vision  – we put together two additional brands for two e-commerce websites and Valve went from exporting to a couple of countries to over 28.

Meanwhile big hitters in sales and business development left long term careers with global brands to work at Valve – and with the pulling from the UK of the American warehouse facility, Steve took the leap and became the World’s largest stock holder of Westlock Switchbox Controls – a fact for which both his UK and even Australian customers will be forever grateful.

When Steve Pearson came into our lives he was open to ideas, willing to let us have our way with his brand image and constantly excited about what we developed for him.

Then at the end of 2016 came the second website.
We could see a huge opportunity to let customers know this was a company with not only the products but also the knowledge to find any solution for any process industry.

Launching the second site a month before Christmas 2017 it had everything the previous site had in the way of technical information, but also a magazine style home page – a page that we produced 15 articles for before it was uploaded.

We know through “sources” that there are major global manufacturing companies using VPS as a bench mark for their own online presence.

When Steve came into our lives he was open to suggestions, excited about the work we developed for him and got involved in every collaboration –  during our time working with Steve  his company has moved to larger premises, increased staff numbers x 5 doubled the size of the new premises and developed three additional brands.

Collaboration works.

The Client View

“We first met Blue Strawberry Elephant around 2012, when I had just one part time employee.

Our marketing consisted of a website made by a friend, a few flyers which we laminated in house and cold calling on the phone. I thought we were too small a business to deal with a marketing company; I truly thought it was something we couldn’t afford, although I did appreciate the value in it.

The team at BSE met with us a few times to fully understand our business, our type of customers and the industries we served and came up with cost-effective solutions to get us started on the road to developing a brand.

Fast forward six years and we can look back at a whole body of work that BSE have designed and implemented for us, advertising and marketing campaigns, new websites, multiple brochures, videos, social media strategies, promotional items and much more.

At VPS we always strive to be different – BSE get that and have helped get our message out there. Work has always been produced in budget, on time, (even to the shortest of deadlines) and with quality and creative content that is second to none.

Our business is going from strength to strength and BSE have played a big part in our success.”

Steve Pearson
Managing Director
Valve & Process Solutions Ltd