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Business Credibility

Omega 3, that famous fatty acid that is known to cure everything from depression to bad hair days, is found in the darker piscine species – salmon, tuna, mackerel…. but white fish is also “good” for you – so long as it’s not full of Mercury.

What has that got to do with the price of design or business credibility?

Well – stay with me here – I’m taking the scenic route.

If you had just landed from Mars and your new earth spouse asked you to go buy “fish” how would you know what to buy?

You don’t know which is better for you, whether one is better than the other you wouldn’t know. You might not be bothered about what is good for you – you’re a Martian; you’re not indoctrinated by health and fitness fascists – you’re more concerned that it tastes ok – and you won’t even know that till you’ve tried it.

So which does the Martian buy and why?

Same with design – we have a “no free pitching” policy – because its bad for us and its bad for the client.

So how would you know if we, the famous Blue Strawberry Elephant gang, are good for you?

This Martian walks into the Fishmongers and asks which fish tastes good – before the proprietor can wipe his hands a lady customer turns to the Martian, without a hint of shock at his green skin, three nostrils and spring loaded head antenna, and says:

“Well dear, I don’t know about you but I like a nice firm body with a little bit of oil and a richer taste, try the Tuna steak; smidgin of black pepper and a dab of garlic butter – you can’t go wrong!”

Same with design – look at what’s on offer and ask someone who knows:

Like Beverley…

“The guys at Blue Strawberry Elephant are more than just a friendly bunch of creative geniuses – they go to the nth degree to bring visions to life, even when it’s difficult to explain what you’re thinking of as a client. Even when provided with copy, these guys don’t just cut and paste, they make suggestions, using their professionalism and experience in marketing to take their customer’s products and showcase them in a way that is initially totally captivating and from then continues to be appealing to the eye and easy to comprehend…”

Or Joel…

“With their visionary, innovative design and attention to detail, Blue Strawberry Elephant have helped transform our school. They bring consistent, quirky yet harmonious purpose and a wealth of experience to their work and their eye-catching designs have helped make our school ethos visual and visible for our students. Highly recommended”

Or Jim..

“I have worked with Blue Strawberry Elephant since 2006 to provide and install Global Corporate Brand signage throughout the UK offices and education centres. They have been instrumental in helping develop new concepts through to installation and always go that ‘little bit more’ to ensure they deliver a finished project. With more than 40 separate locations in the UK projects have always been delivered to high standards maintained even when faced with demanding quality specifications, budget and timescales.”


So there’s your answer – Now – do you want chips with that?

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