Who is this for? Established businesses
What is it About? Rebranding
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(warning – this is not a cutesy blog – it’s an unashamed 2 minute elevator pitch)

There is no point rebranding or giving your existing brand a bit of a makeover, if that is all you are going to do.

Transform your business prospects – or leave it alone.

When to rebrand:

  • At the beginning – when you are planning to start up a new company or product.
  • When you move to new premises.
  • When you have hit a plateau and are working on moving to the next level.

There are more but that’s your basics.

Ignore 1) because this is about your established business.

Take 2) as an obvious opportunity.

But 3) … well that’s all about your established business moving to another level – and a bright shiny logo and new website is never enough.

First rule – don’t talk to a Graphic Designer or Marketing Consultant.
Second rule – start talking as early in the process as possible – example if a building was being built you need to talk about Branding before the architects drew up the plans – yes THAT early.

If you are going to rebrand you need to talk to a Creative Marketing company – and there aren’t many of us about – loads of graphic designers of all shapes and sizes, but not many creative marketing firms.

There’s a difference too between pure marketing companies / consultants and Creative Marketing.

Creative Marketing includes brand consultancy, the high quality graphic design skills you are going to need, copywriting, content creation, web development and social media skills – all working together under one roof.  But essentially, also has the experience and insight to know what your company needs to deliver those visual inspirations in your industry.

Creative Marketing is pro-active; we don’t expect you to come up with all the content or the advertising themes or the strap lines. We need your collaboration to keep the descriptions of
your offering – products and services – honest and true to your own core values.

We need your input so we fully understand what you want to achieve – what your intentions are – and, if like most SMEs, you hardly have time to think about anything except the work in front of you, we will help you focus on what your aims and intentions need to be.

We will write your story, sort your new image, show you how to put it out there at the widest part of your sales funnel and how to target those who are in charge of giving you the business you really want – as well as helping you take existing customers to another level.

The full gamut of services being available from one source – means your Marketing and Sales Directors (if you have them) are fully supported – while your field sales and internal sales staff (or you; if you are an owner manager that works at the coal face) have all the tools they need to put the right information in the right hands – on and off line – shortening the sales cycle.

Branding is a truly brilliant way to raise your profile and your sales, but DON’T rebrand unless you have the tools and campaigns that should go with it, created and planned to roll out at the same time as you launch your new presence in the market.

Give us a call, arrange a meet and put the kettle on – or we’ll boil the water if you prefer to come here.


Ok – so that ran over – two minutes fifteen seconds of your life – don’t waste it.

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