Like us, you must have heard a whole truckload of Business Covid Stories.

What has struck me, as I’ve called to check how friends and associates are doing, is the level of confidence – (mixed with fear, doubt and resignation depending on the day and the way the wind is blowing) – not always explained by industry or business model.

It all seems very random out there.

So very quickly – because this isn’t a blog, its an announcement – (based on a true story) this  has been our year to date…

Last year one of us decided two weeks in Thailand was a good idea – only to be greeted on his return by bods in full PPE armour toting paint ball guns, to mark out the afflicted, saying he had to self-isolate for another two.

One of us thought he hadn’t had enough injuries in his cycling career, so tore an intercostal muscle moving plant pots. Two months out of action with a further slow and painful PT Working recovery over the following month. But at least the pansies got some sun.

Another only started with the team the week we began working from home. From what we hear she is still sharing a wheel with the hamster that powers the laptop, in a windowless room somewhere in the deepest darkest depths of St Mary’s Gate… need to get her out before she turns into Golum!

Add to this, shielding pre and post minor ops and we’re looking at 35% of unplanned downtime in 2020.

But we’re still here! Straight down the middle – marginally suffering more than some, definitely faring better than others.

So as we lift our heads from the grindstone to take a trepidatious breath, what do we find?

Most still battling on – some that are down and in need of greater support, and many that are doing more than ok, but can’t celebrate, given the tragic circumstances.

“Very mixed landscape.” As our accountant habitually tells us – when we dare ask.

The question was… (when Boris said the Work from Homers could go back to being Work from Work-ers) … should we go back?

Let’s not make light of this, its all relative, THIS IS A BIG DEAL, there’s always a risk. There’s putting health first, mental as well as physical, there’s the comfort zone we may have  succumbed to and the discomfort some feel in working alone.

We were told that many aren’t – some won’t till Christmas – but here’s the thing:

When we were told to work from home we did – because we could.

Now we are told we can go back – we decided we should.

Several reasons:

Morally – so long as we’re very careful – we see it as a sign of solidarity, fellowship and gratitude for all our clients and associates who had no other choice but to work from work all the way through.

Creatively – while there are benefits in this area from working at home, nothing beats (even socially distanced) collaboration. And that just doesn’t happen fully on line, no matter what Bill Gates may sell you.

Example ly (leave me alone I’m trying) if we didn’t it wouldn’t encourage anyone else to… time maybe to be “plucky Brits” and get on with it?

Supportively – Above and beyond all their requests we haven’t stopped supporting our clients – but coming out of this crisis feels like it will take even more of an effort from everyone! (You’ve been great by the way keep it up).

So the Amazon order is in for screens, hand sanitisers, wipes and social distancing measures – the building signs being printed as we speak – and we’re back Working from Work on the 17th August 2020 – exactly 21 weeks after locking up and sticking the “Gone for the Duration” Sign on the door!

Now all we have to work out is how we get TV’s, fridges and biscuit cupboards next to our desks!!

Tell us your Covid Time Business Stories!
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