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Start up tips

“The Wren, one of our smallest birds, has a pound for pound voice 10 times louder than a Cockerel.”

Funny that isn’t it – have you ever seen a Wren?

They weigh about 12 grams, are 12.7cm long and have a wing span of 16.5 cm – about 2/3rds the size of a Robin, or if you’re not into your birds – a wren could easily fit into the mug you have your morning cuppa in – and you wouldn’t notice it till it threw the teabag back at you.

It’s very quick – in and out before the big birds can grab the best of the insects.

You run a micro business? That Wren – that’s you that is.

Think a marketing company won’t help you?

“There are many things I could thank the team at Blue Strawberry Elephant for as I was setting up my novel cycling performance business during 2015, but the most important to me is that they demonstrated real customer focus. There was a commitment to my success – a vested interest if you will, and that is so important to every business irrespective of size and budget.
Steve Harrop, Owner, Skyhook Coaching Services.