social media clean up

We are sure you have plenty to do, but while you have a tiny bit more time and flexibility – it would be a great opportunity to perform a social media clean up on all your companies platforms? 

Put down the Easter egg and try this handy to do list… 

Make a good first impression 

Not unlike meeting someone in real life your profile image and header are the first thing that customers see. You wouldn’t send out pixelated and cropped imagery  through direct mail, so why stand for it on your socials? It can be easy to throw together a Facebook profile and assume that it will be fine forever, but outdated or cropped logos look unprofessional – something you can’t afford to be. 

All you need to do is grab a high-resolution version of your latest logo, crop it down to the recommended size for each profile and voila! 

The recommended profile image sizes for each platform are: 

Instagram – 320 x 320 pixels 

Twitter – 400 x 400 pixels 

Facebook – 170 x 170 pixels 

LinkedIn – 400 x 400 pixels or larger (recommended) 

Always remember that your profile image will be scaled down when viewed on timelines, try to keep details and text to a minimum and don’t be afraid to be colourful. 

No tedious links 

New websites, location changes and contact details are all pieces of information, which can be overlooked when records are updated. Making sure your social media 

profiles link through to the correct places will only be a five-minute task at most but could see a significant change to the click through rate to your website. 

Working from home? Make sure your platforms offer the most up to date way for your clients and prospects to contact you. 

In addition – automated responses are perfect for letting your customers know that you’ll get back to them asap. Enabling a personalised message through your inbox 

settings will give you extra time to respond if you’re away from your computer throughout the day. 


Getting to know you 

Once a customer finds themselves on your page you need to make sure the ‘About’ and ‘Bio’ sections are up to date. Business aims change throughout the years and 

you need to make sure that the current copy and content of your page reflect where you are in the moment. Scrolling down your news feed takes only a few seconds so 

it’s a good idea to reflect on past content – Is it still applicable? Does it set the right tone? – Don’t be afraid to delete content that no longer applies to who you are and 

what you offer now. 


Make sure you’re secure 

Website passwords should be updated every few months, if your account safety has been on the backburner lately maybe it’s time to switch up passwords, check 

3 admin roles (did you know that some businesses forget to disable admin privileges for ex-employees?) and create a two-factor authorisation. 

Needing help with that? Here are the links to each platform’s safety tools – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram


Spend some time connecting 

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that there is value in our communities, these communities don’t necessarily have to be geographical – various industries are conversing through groups, especially in troubling times, and now is the chance to forge some relationships. 

Know a handy trick that could help people around you? Share it! 

Looking to reach out in your community? Let people know! 

It’s in the name: “Social” media can help your business thrive – by bridging the gap; sharing information will connect you to business and wider communities in ways other mediums just can’t reach. 

Being positive and productive during this time can feel difficult but following these simple steps will help your business social media pages work more effectively and help you tick a task off of your huge daily to-do list all – maybe while sitting on the sofa?


Need some help performing your social media clean up? Haven’t got time to do it yourself? Contact us

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