Do I need a company instagram account?
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So, we have had this question a few times over at Blue Strawberry Elephant. A client has been told the absolutely NEED to be on Instagram as it’s such a great platform and so and so’s Auntie used it for her mobile hairdressing service and got loads of enquiries from it. Anecdotal evidence is always compelling, particularly if you are business who mainly relies on providing visual examples for client referral. But the cold, hard truth is, it doesn’t matter if it’s relevant to you – it matters if its relevant to your target market, and your potential future customer.

If we take ourselves as an example, a client will more than likely spend time praising us for the amazing job we’ve done on their rebrand or building their website to anyone who will listen but if the person their talking to doesn’t run their own company or isn’t a decision maker, it will more than likely fall on deaf ears and they will smile and nod politely while our client continues to opine about our amazing service.

So, should I set up a company instagram page? The answer is of course, yes.. and no.

One of our clients sells electronic parts to the Bus and HGV mechanics, Instagram would he right platform for them if they were aiming at Bus and Truck enthusiasts – but it’s very unlikely their posts will reach the target audience that will actually spend money on auto electrical parts.

A more appropriate platform would be Linkedin, more of the fleet managers and owners they need to reach will be engaged by the content / information they could put out.

Another of our clients provide Mortgages, Instagram is absolutely perfect for them. Buying a house and protecting your loved ones is emotive – “human content” (pictures of dogs, babies, house refurbs and decorating, that sort of thing) is great for Instagram it lends itself to the target market and is already driving traffic to their website.

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