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September: “A Month of Design” despite the fact that Design is what we do every day of every month – we just wanted to make a bigger point – to focus and maybe inspire.

Over three decades ago the digital age opened up all kinds of possibilities for the Graphic Design Industry – speed being the main boon – the ability to produce layer upon layer of colour and icons and digital illustration without waiting for anything to dry – the manipulation and enhancement of photographs – the composition of text without a scalpel, galley or chunk of hot metal in sight!

But while it only lives on screen it is without doubt – Flat.

Look at it. Your monitor is flat. The perception of depth in 3D renderings is mind blowing – especially if you were born before 1999 and this isn’t all you’ve ever known.

(“What do mean you’re older than the internet?”)

Reach out and touch it – not that – your monitor! Does it feel as wet as the picture of the Ocean you use as a Screen Saver? That dress you’re looking to buy Martin – can you feel the material?

Here’s the secret.

In terms of what will garner the best reaction and grow the best relationships the World has never really changed.

It will always be about touch and feel – Real Design, Real Experience.

Engage your customer’s senses and those feelings will remain and be reinforced by what they then see on screen.

This is where Design comes into its own – or at least it should.

The Imagining

If your business lives only online – all communications are by email, all views of your product or service are through a website and / or social media you are missing a trick – especially if you are dealing with other businesses.

Online is restricted by the rules that govern that space – there are fewer colours, less flexibility in shape and form but most importantly no texture – no real interaction.

There are real people behind every business – what are you hiding from?

An online only environment reduces the opportunity for greater imaginings – but if you let loose Design, allow it to be integrated throughout your business – allow Real Designers to conjure up graphic interpretations of your story by using materials and finishes and shapes that are so eye-catching and so tactile they can’t put them down, then they won’t throw them away either.

DESIGN should push boundaries that result in finished products people want to pick up. DESIGN should consider all aspects of what is being achieved now and be brave enough to turn the norm on its head to achieve something different!

It takes passion – not the copying of what has gone before or meekly following a trend – but leading the way; because when Design is good enough to do that, our clients can lead the way too.

What works:

  • Understanding our client’s customers.
  • Knowing that isn’t all they are.
  • Lateral thought.
  • Shaping and Styles not seen elsewhere in an industry.
  • Honest straight forward passion.
  • Attention to detail.

What doesn’t work:

  • Thinking that Budget is the first consideration.
  • Fear of being different.
  • Choosing Pantone’s colour of the year as a guide.

Throughout our September Month of Design we are going to show you examples of WHAT has worked, HOW it was done and WHY it worked.


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