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Quickits Group

A Shared Vision

The QK Group has been in a constant state of organic growth since its inception.

Walking into an already successful and expanding company means evaluating the culture, assessing what is needed and where value can be added.

Of the many and varied routes we might advise, it is only those the client can get on board with that will work – the character of the Group’s leadership is the essential element in everything we create for them.

Rob Smith, the owner and Group MD at QK, is hands on at every level. We quickly found he doesn’t need to be, having built a team who could quite easily run the business autonomously – but it is his passion for growth that has driven every square foot of new factory and warehouse space.

To Quickits Ltd, the manufacturer of the World’s best mounting kits, was added Laser Ltd with a sizable investment in the latest fiber laser cutting and folding tech – followed – very shortly after we became the group’s creative marketing partners, by Premier
Powder Coating ltd.

Our challenge was to create the branding for the latest company, create a refreshed consistency in the existing brands and manage, at the equivalent speed of growth, all elements of marketing the brand family; through the group’s image, advertising, websites, design communications and online media. As always it’s about collaboration, understanding and a shared vision, to support the QK Group’s forward momentum.

Date: July 2019– Present

Client: Quickits Group

Link: quickits.co.uk, powdercoating-online.com