Quick Tips for better E-mail Marketing.
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What is it About? Improving your E-mail Marketing
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A lot of people believe that e-mail is dead and it’s true that if you don’t put a reasonable amount of effort into it then it can easily fall flat on its face – that’s true for anything in business. The whole argument comes down to one vital point for me – if it didn’t work, the big boys like Amazon wouldn’t invest so much time and money into it. They’ve done the research, ignoring it is just shooting yourself in the foot for no good reason. I’ve very briefly touched on this subject before in my blog ‘Marketing Ideas to Help You Grow’, but I wanted to take the time to give some quick tips to help improve those open rates for you!

Interesting OR informative.

When creating the content, you need to think carefully about what you include; absolutely everything you send should either be either interesting or informative to your customer base. It’s very common for businesses to try to impart too much information on their customer base and when you are using the internet to market yourself, you have a far smaller window of opportunity to engage their interest. Only things you can justify as relevant and necessary should be included, you can use the email to point the customer elsewhere (such as your website of a product listing) for the rest!

Always send your emails from you.

Whenever you are looking to make marketing changes, you need to think about how the customer sees things- the easiest way to do this is to think about your own reactions wherever possible. If you receive an email from sales@ or info@ and you’re not expecting it…how often would you say you trash it without even reading the title, never mind opening it?

Having emails sent out from your own email address, with your name displayed is a very quick change which can very quickly make a big difference to the number of people reading your emails- even more so if you are the owner of the business.

Beware of the second subject line.

A lot of people don’t realise, that the first line of text on your email pulls through under your subject line pulls (some people refer to it as a snippet line), and nothing says ‘this is a mass mail out we weren’t that interested in producing’ more than repeated headline text, a nonsensical URL or even worse, a bog standard ‘click here to unsubscribe’ line. Be sure to check this ‘snippet’ before you send anything- most mail applications allow you to send a test email to yourself to be sure!

Be sure to include images where possible.

With the small window of time, you have to capture your audiences’ interest, the correct use of a good photo or graphic in the email could make all the difference. Note that I said correct use and good image, not something you knocked up on paint or something so pixelated I can’t tell what it is, and not something that covers the entire screen before giving them any information. Stock images are there for a reason- don’t be afraid to use them (at a reasonable size)…and of course if you need a graphic you can always give our Graphic Designer, Joss a call!


I know it seems a little boring at first, but it’s a huge mistake to neglect to monitor the success of your social media marketing, and mail campaigns are absolutely no different. Most email marketing solutions such as MailChimp have basic built-in analytics for you to monitor such as your open rates and CTR (click-through rates). If you aren’t monitoring your efforts, it will be very difficult for you to see the benefit of improvements you are making, and extremely easy for you to feel your efforts are not making a difference at all.

If you have any more questions about e-mail marketing and improving your mail sign ups- just give me a call anytime!

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