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Privacy Policy

Data Collection and Privacy

Blue Strawberry Elephant Ltd is a business-to-business creative design and marketing company (that is to say we produce the designed marketing tools our clients use to market themselves or communicate with their audience).

90% of all our business comes from referral (new clients contact us after being given our contact details by existing or past customers) the other 10% find us through social media and Internet searches of our website.

Our website does not use cookies other than providing basic, non-personal and anonymous information through Google Analytics: (number of visits, which pages, how long, region of the country or World the server using an IP address is in).

The data we have a Legitimate Interest or Legal Requirement in holding is that held on our Work Flow System and accounts package, currently Xero both supplied by the same provider, where the information is secured, you can read Xero’s Privacy and Security Policy here … https://www.xero.com/uk/about/terms/privacy/

We hold no “Personal” Data other than that provided to us by clients who do business with us now or have in the past.

Existing and past client businesses can request a mechanical copy of the information we hold for the purposes of communicating proposals, quotations, project management, invoicing etc.


As a matter of good practice we are currently contacting anyone who we have a personal email address for (@ yahoo / gmail / Hotmail etc) if we hold any more information than their email address, to ask if they want us to change it to a company / business name email address.