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Social Media Comes of Age (the Coronavirus Update)

Social Media Management

Two years ago those who denigrated Social Media as being of little use to real businesses, especially small businesses, had their opinions bolstered by security scandals.

For the first time the growth in Social Media as part of the marketing mix had seen a reversal.

Two years later and Social was already rebuilding the trust its champions had in it – but now through the tragedy and changes brought by coronavirus, it has become an invaluable tool for communicating what is happening and what is available during the Coronavirus Pandemic – this will not stop when the virus is beaten.

Both business and personal customers, who were previously addicted to the media platform or alternatively in denial that it even existed, are now “Plugged In” to Social Media – to find essential information, products, updates on availability and delivery. The World of work, business, finance and corporate structures may be forever changed by this Pandemic – but the way we communicate will be even more essential.

The greatest challenge for business will be the communication mix (Social will still only be part of it) the quality and variety of those communications – and the acknowledgement that Social channels are not “easy” and quality content is not “free”.


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Steve Pearson

“Fast forward six years and we can look back at a whole body of work that BSE have designed and implemented for us, advertising and marketing campaigns, new websites, multiple brochures, videos, social media strategies, promotional items and much more.

At VPS we always strive to be different – BSE get that and have helped get our message out there. Work has always been produced in budget, on time, (even to the shortest of deadlines) and with quality and creative content that is second to none.

Our business is going from strength to strength and BSE have played a big part in our success.”

Steve Pearson Managing Director Valve & Process Solutions Ltd


Dame Sarah Storey

We were blown away by the work that Marc and his team did for us on the Podium Ambition website and team logo’s. The speed at which everything happened was amazing and the quality of the work second to none,
we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a professional and efficient service
and are already looking for the next project we can give them!”

Dame Sarah Storey, Podium Ambition Pro Cycling Team


Stanley Kaplan

“I have worked with Blue Strawberry Elephant since 2006 to provide and install Global Corporate Brand signage throughout the UK offices and education centres. They have been instrumental in helping develop new concepts through to installation and always go that ‘little bit more’ to ensure they deliver a finished project.

With more than 40 separate locations in the UK projects have always been delivered to high standards maintained even when faced with demanding quality specifications, budget and timescales. I am sure the good work will continue and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

James Ellison
Head of Real Estate and Facilities
Kaplan (UK) Limited


Joel Wirth

“With their visionary, innovative design and attention to detail, Blue Strawberry Elephant have helped transform our school. They bring consistent, quirky yet harmonious purpose and a wealth of experience to their work and their eye-catching designs have helped make our school ethos visual and visible for our students. Highly recommended”

Joel Wirth,
Ecclesfield School


web design testimonial knight composites

The guys at Blue Strawberry Elephant are more than just a friendly bunch of creative geniuses – they go to the nth degree to bring visions to life, even when it’s difficult to explain what you’re thinking of as a client. Even when provided with copy, these guys don’t just cut and paste, they make suggestions, using their professionalism and experience in marketing to take their customer’s products and showcase them in a way that is initially totally captivating and from then continues to be appealing to the eye and easy to comprehend.

Nice job guys – we’re thankful to you daily…even if we don’t still fully understand how a Blue Strawberry Elephant could pull off such an amazing task.”
Quite frankly, Joss and Marc were given a world leading product in a tremendously competitive market with a matter of weeks to deliver a website and print collateral; and we don’t believe we would have been so instantly and insanely successfully without their massive input. We now don’t worry about our graphic design either in the USA or throughout the rest of the world. Blue Strawberry Elephant had our backs prior to launch, and they are now our firm partners as we move through our day to day business on a global level. They nailed it for us, at a price that was well under those quoted to us from other agencies; and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to any company looking for the edge in their online and print presentations. Nice job guys – we’re thankful to you daily…even if we don’t still fully understand how a Blue Strawberry Elephant could pull off such an amazing task.”

Beverly Lucas
Knight Composites, LLC USA


skyhook cycle kit design

“There are many things I could thank the team at Blue Strawberry Elephant for as I was setting up my novel cycling performance business during 2015, but the most important to me is that they demonstrated real customer focus. There was a commitment to my success – a vested interest if you will, and that is so important to every business irrespective of size and budget. Whether you work for a multinational corporation (I did) or are a start-up entrepreneur (I am), by understanding my needs and aspirations, Dave, Marc and Joss have helped me punch well above my starting weight with creative design, branding and collateral, to reflect the essence of Skyhook Coaching Services. When you see that understanding come through in the end products, delivered to spec and dead-lines, you know your agency is much more than just another design house – thanks guys! What else could anyone want?!”

Steve Harrop
Skyhook Coaching Services


Results Squared logo

“Since 2007 the team at Blue Strawberry Elephant have provided us with a whole host of services including the maintenance of our web graphics, production of logos and branding, exhibition stands and literature.

They have become an integral part of how we communicate our offering and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Matthew Smith
Managing Director
Results Squared Limited


Lablogic logo design

“Blue Strawberry Elephant has worked for us for a good few years now and we have found them excellent in every respect.

They have taken the trouble to get to know our business and our people in order to develop a style that we feel is ours that we have used across all aspects of the business to give us a clear, recognisable corporate identity.

excellent in every respect

They are always happy to help, whatever the size of the project, and they can be relied on to come up with ideas whenever they’re needed.”

Richard Brown
Managing Director
LabLogic Systems Limited


SWFC logo design

“Dave and his team have produced high quality products – from posters to canvas to Christmas cards & more – for Sheffield Wednesday and our supporter base for some time now and I’ve always been extremely happy with the results. Product quality is great and service excellent. BlueStrawberryElephant – and Dave in particular – are very approachable and accommodating, maintaining an excellent working relationship.

no ‘silly idea’ or request on our part is too much to ask.

The understanding of the club and the innovation they put into the work is exceptional and no ‘silly idea’ or request on our part is too much to ask.

James Hargreaves
Head of Online Marketing & Communications
Sheffield Wednesday FC


SWFC logo design

I’ve worked with Dave Atkin and Blue Strawberry Elephant for the past 18 months or so and have always been impressed.

Committed and passionate about their work, creative in their delivery and always willing to listen, they have allowed us to create a fantastic new Sheffield Wednesday Official Gallery.”

Chris Cotterill
Head of Marketing Operations, Ticketing & Retail
Sheffield Wednesday FC


DEETFree logo

“In this age of intense consumer awareness it is imperative that any supplier to the consumer arena should utilise every professional aid available to them.

We are pleased to say that the innovative and creative skill set that the Blue Strawberry Elephant Team has available to them has helped our product developments, determined our creative packaging and designed our Corporate Branding.

Blue Strawberry Elephant is playing an important role in our day to day marketing and will be a fundamental part of our marketing strategy for the future.”

We are pleased to say that the innovative and creative skill set that the Blue Strawberry Elephant Team has available to them has helped our product developments

David Ross
Managing Director
Essential Impulse Products Limited


Sheffield Mainline logo

“… undertaking a substantial amount of creative, designing and printing works on our behalf, which, I am happy to say, have turned out to be of an extremely high standard. Likewise he has secured for us the best possible price for the printing thereof. It is very satisfying to contract out a ‘Job Lot’ knowing that it is being dealt with in a very professional manner.”

Steve Arnold
Public Relations Manager
Mainline Group Limited


Design for industry

Should you be concerned? If you want rules and procedures, conformity and “the norm” then you should be. Then again, who wants “the norm”?

If you want great designs supplied at rocket speed with flair and imagination then this is the company for you.

In under 6 weeks working with Dave Atkin we re-branded a company including the production of 3 major documents, 4 exhibition stands and more promotional items than you can shake a stick at. We are now working on an ongoing mailing campaign.

More than most designers he understands the marketing behind the plans and will even write the proposals the “powers that be” demand to justify your campaigns.

Results matter – you’ll get them

Maddie Zitman
Marketing Officer
Rotherham Chamber of Commerce.


tetleys logo

“In the World of advertising and publicity it is all too common for individuals to inflate their promises of help and professionalism simply to secure and order or business contact. The fact that Dave Atkin not only delivered everything on schedule and within an agreed budget, but did all this with flair and understanding of the personal contact meant that someone like me in a busy position could rest assured that my company’s image was in safe hands.

Colin Waite
Publicity & Information Manager
Joshua Tetley & Son Limited


Social Media Management Work