Modern Myths and Ice cream
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Yep, for the 65th year running, the UK’s favourite Ice Cream flavour is VANILLA!

According to the owners of 9 out of 10 Hoovers, that aren’t actually Hoovers but other varied makes of floor suckers, unless they were Dyson or any other make of bagless cleaner that are also known as Dyson’s.

 Vanilla will always be the focus group winner.

 If you put 21 people in a room, give them a list of Ice Creams and ask them to put them in order of preference Vanilla will always win – it’s the average, the norm, the least controversial or debatable.

Now ask them their favourite ‘brand’ of Vanilla Ice Cream… “erm … well … errrr”

Yes folks, because (this week) your favourite brand will be whatever the local version is, or the own label supermarket tub or that Ice Cream that you had on holiday which you can’t remember the name of but it was the best Ice Cream in the whole wide world… you’re not absolutely sure it was Vanilla, but it must have been because it was the colour of Ice Cream.

Thing is – stack it high, sell ‘em cheap, why not be Vanilla? It’s what retailers used to call SPQR – small profit quick return. But if you aren’t running your business from a carnival coloured van, with an annoying theme tune two doors along from the Donkey Rides – Vanilla is the last thing you want to be.

Today, however, it is harder than ever not to be. Why?

Modern Myths.

The proliferance of easy to use dumbed down downloadable apps has convinced many they don’t need to bring in the professionals.

A Logo we are told “is not a brand” so why not drag and drop clip art – or just pick a “nice” font to identify your company? It’s all about personal relationships and the way you answer the phone anyway – isn’t it? It said so in that book:

“How to build a brand that people recognise as their favourite flavour of brands” by Ade Mabankbalance, Marketing Guru.


So now, if you’re a company with a clip art / Comic Sans / Times New Roman header – or have a DIY website and business cards that you saw on a TV ad and looked “good enough” you are quietly seething – or thinking … why aren’t we selling more, or why have sales flat-lined, or how do we kick on to the next level from this plateau we know we have reached…

Why be different

Chunky Monkey is very definitely Ben & Jerry’s – it couldn’t be anyone else’s; you don’t think Ben and Jerry and think Vanilla. Does everyone like Chunky Monkey? Nope, everyone likes Vanilla, but Vanilla lovers are fickle – they don’t care who made it or where they buy it – so long as it’s a bargain. Chunky Monkey fans will only buy B&Js and they are prepared to pay a premium for the brand.

So – do you want to be liked by everyone or loved by a few?

Not digging the Ice Cream / Floor cleaner analogies? Apple sells fewer computers than manufacturers of bog-standard Windows-driven PCs —- but they make a hell of a lot more money.

Being different may not sell as much – but it is more profitable, more memorable and their customers are much more loyal.

Let’s talk about how you can be different.

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