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Business Relationships

Let’s say you are buying a car – you’ve had a lottery win and the World is yours – no more bus pass for you!!

You get down to a choice between two – both of a similar size, same power unit, same top speed, same levels of comfort and same gadgetry. You have a choice of very similar colours for each – so why did you choose that one?

Come to that, why did you choose the most expensive of the two?

A couple of decades ago I was introduced to a Marketing Director; he was in the process of gathering three proposals for a re-branding and product catalogue.

I discovered that he was the youngest on the board, after being given a third of the shares for winning a bet that he could increase the company’s turnover x 10 – but was now struggling to pursue his further ambitions for the company, because of his fellow director’s resistance to new ideas and practices – I could empathise.

In the end I was given the work despite being £4,000 more than the lowest quote (about 20%) and £3,500 above the middle price.

When he told me I had the job, he also gave me sight of the other quotes and told me how he had explained the decision to his fellow directors.

The reason he gave for paying 20% more than he strictly had to was:

“You were the only one who gave me the confidence I would get what I wanted.”

Was there a quantifiable commercial reasoning behind the decision – there was – he wanted the best job, not the cheapest. However – he couldn’t quantify how he knew I was the correct choice commercially.

Where did that “confidence” come from?

It’s emotional.

Creating a chemistry doesn’t come from numbers on a page or the slickest presentation – it comes from passion – WHY you do what you do comes through in every word, in body language, enthusiasm, empathy, it supersedes your desire to make a buck – you become a kindred spirit, simply wanting what the customer wants – a great end result.

If you are passionate about providing the best outcome for the client, you tap into those same basic instincts that tell people which car to buy, which restaurant they prefer, whether or not they want to do business with you.

Word of warning though: The “WHY” – for why you do what you do, has to be real, it can’t be faked, because emotionally the customer knows when you are not being real (if they don’t, you don’t want them as a customer).

If you can define a “WHY” we can help you put that across when you are not there – through your literature, web presence, advertising / marketing – creating interest from potential customers … pre-prepared with confidence, in you, your company or by extension your product or service.

If you can’t get your head around defining a “Why” we can probably help you there too.

Post Script:

That customer who paid more than he needed to?

We worked with them for 8 years, helping to build their brand, in a very competitive B2B marketplace – until that Marketing Director, Phil, who had all the confidence that I would deliver what he wanted…

…the business grew to be a major player in the sector.  He exited by selling the company to an American global brand.

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