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How to market your business – Move on up!

How to market your business

What is a platform business?

Your doing well without any marketing but now you want to know, how to market your business. This means you are a Platform Business is a company that has been trading for a number of years, it has usually or mainly been grown by word of mouth and knocking on the right doors – but it has now plateaued – it isn’t doing badly but it isn’t growing either. 

This is NOT a Survey – these are questions our clients have found useful to their own thought processes.
Even if you don’t want to talk to us, we hope they help.

Here you go…


You’ve built your business to a level, but now it’s on a plateau – so:

Are you struggling to increase new business and find yourself thinking of how to market your business?

Of all your sales in the last 12 months what percentage came from new customers?

When was the last time you created a new job / position in the business?

Do you have a Number? Every business has a number – target turnover or profit, number of employees – as productive units – amount of business you’ll need to turnover to move to larger premises?

Do you stick to a marketing plan, jump from one idea to the other or just carrying on selling your products in the way you have for years?

When was the last time you added a new product or service to your offering?

Do you want to grow? Some businesses don’t.

The bit about us:

Blue Strawberry Elephant Ltd had its beginnings in 1980. Born in a recession – which, after 4 or 5 more, is why we know the only protection worth having is Growth. The first client of 1981 worked with us for 8 years before selling out to Black Box of America. There is a long list of companies we have helped take to the next level from the “Platform” or “Plateau” they reached all by themselves. We are well placed  to help you answer the question, how to market your business?

What one of our many happy clients had to say...

Steve Pearson

“Fast forward six years and we can look back at a whole body of work that BSE have designed and implemented for us, advertising and marketing campaigns, new websites, multiple brochures, videos, social media strategies, promotional items and much more.

At VPS we always strive to be different – BSE get that and have helped get our message out there. Work has always been produced in budget, on time, (even to the shortest of deadlines) and with quality and creative content that is second to none.

Our business is going from strength to strength and BSE have played a big part in our success.”

Steve Pearson Managing Director Valve & Process Solutions Ltd


– with your answers ready in your head – talk to us for free – lets see how far we can help you to go!

how to market your business

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