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HMT Architectural Branding

Exterior signage project for the Healthcare Management Trust and their first purpose built hospital


We have worked as Brand Designers and Protectors for the Healthcare Management Trust, for over 12 years, but the opportunity to produce the architectural branding for their first purpose built Hospital in Swansea was always going to be a milestone.

The Not for Profit private hospital group  knew of our team’s history in architectural branding – from the 64 branches, branded for LSUK in the late 90s, rolled out in three days, to the 40 locations of signs wall graphics and branding presentations, produced and installed for Kaplan UK, who we still work with today, after a close 14 year working relationship…

…Swansea was a perfect fit for that part of our capabilities.

In the event we were brought to the party too late to advise on the colours of the construction materials, or the infrastructure required for installing individually illuminated letters and logos.


We Integrated new colours into the colour palate of the existing Brand Guidelines.

Specified 3mm Aluminium powder coated Rims with 150mm Return Letters and Logos to blend with Architectural brick and aluminium cladding. This was to retain the original brand subtleties and professional presentation – allowing shadows to carry the weight of making the daytime signs visible.

To avoid demands for 44 individual cable access points, letters and logos were fitted to powder coated frames, which doubled as conduit for single power access, from internally sited PSUs and Dimmers to LED arrays inside the signs set behind inset acrylic – with digitally printed overlays.

We specified colours which would work with what was already in place:

Structural frames against cladding  RAL 9006 White Aluminium
Rim & Returns against silver cladding  RAL 7015 Slate Grey
Rim & Returns and structural frames against Leicester Red Bricks RAL 2001 Red Orange

The LED arrays output 1300 to 5790 CD across signs that ranged from 1.4 to 18 metres wide – at less that 2 Amps per sign.

Due to scheduling of construction and landscaping the access equipment included cherry pickers, booms, scissor lifts High (Rope) Access and Spider Boom / Crane for low ground impact.

The entire architectural branding project was carried out during lockdown and, the higher restrictions imposed by the Welsh Government. Technicians, installers and specialists using essential works “passports” to deliver into and work on the Swansea site from Gateshead, Cambridge, Birmingham and Sheffield.


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