Design Case Studies

We’ve put together a selection of Design Case Studies which include examples of brand design, web design, brochure design and signage design.

A Little Means A Lot

In 2020, Edward Pryor & Son Ltd (founded 1849) became the latest Heritage Company to put its Brand in the hands of Blue Strawberry Elephant.

A big responsibility; the famous red PRYOR logo had gone untouched for over 30 years – and the client was never going to give it up.

As Branding experts we fully understood that, but in design terms the existing logo wasn’t “right” – and if we didn’t fix it we would have to live with seeing it on all the 10 websites we were in the process of building for them, the updated exhibition panels and all ongoing marketing materials and campaigns.

Older than America

Six Years before the United States of America declared its independence, one of the first Master Cutlers, established William Whitely & Sons. Amongst many firsts they made Scissors for Queen Victoria, and are still a family firm with no shortage of big name clients – from Maserati to Saville Row’s Andrew Ramproop OBE.

In 2017, for the first time in their then 257 year history, William Whiteley made the decision to diversify into selling direct to the public.

Trusted by HMT

Even though it had been over a decade since we created the HMT Brand; becoming the natural Brand Protectors for Healthcare Management Trust, producing the architectural branding for their first purpose built Hospital was always going to be a milestone. 

The Not for Profit private hospital group knew of our team’s history in architectural branding – from the 3 day roll out across 64 branches for LSUK in the late 90s, to the signs, wall graphics and branding presentations, produced and installed at 40 locations for Kaplan UK … 

… our experience was the perfect fit for the hospital in Swansea. 

Eighty Countries One Word

INAS is the only Global Para Sports Federation providing elite competition, support and regulation for Intellectually Impaired Athletes.

In 2018 INAS carried out a survey of members and stakeholders that resulted in a decision to rename and rebrand the organisation Worldwide.

In 2019 Blue Strawberry Elephant was chosen from a short list of American, Australian and British Design companies, because the INAS Leadership team believed we had the greatest understanding of their vision in moving the organisation forward to a wider audience.

How the Process became Pink

We suggested the company name was too long, and they should make a big deal of “Valve” – it was the name, it was the product and it was a lot easier to effectively create a Brand around – but the Brand had to be different from anything else in the industry so we started with the colour.… and the colour was Pink!

Producing the Brand, the first Website, the 10 page laminated roll fold and the backdrop for the Talking Head videos, got the ball rolling for a while in 2012 / 13 – while the business grew and funds became more available. The next phase was bcollaboration in direct mail, inbox flyers, numerous bits of print and e-shot projects – and the company grew some more.

Quicker Results

The QK Group has been in a constant state of organic growth since its inception.

Walking into an already successful and expanding company means evaluating the culture, assessing what is needed and where value can be added.

Of the many and varied routes we might advise, it is only those the client can get on board with that will work – the character of the Group’s leadership is the essential element in everything we created for them.