CYCLING SHEFFIELD 2019 team launch at Ambulo.
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You may or may not have spotted on our LinkedIn late last week myself and Marc went along to the team launch event for Cycling Sheffield.

Cycling Sheffield is something very close to our hearts and a team we are incredibly proud to support, as rather like us- they’ve built a reputation for punching above their weight. They’ve helped develop some of the most talented riders in the U.K. – Connor Swift spent two years with the team before winning The British Cycling National Road Race Championships in 2018 at only 22 years of age and we have a feeling they have plenty more to come!

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about our involvement with the team as well as the other partners involved and share some of the photos from the event as our very own Marc is an avid cyclist himself, who has made a conscious effort over the years to not only take part in events – but give back to the sport in the form of event organisation and pre-event planning, regional partnerships and actively working as a National Commissaire. It really is a life-long passion and all of us in the BSE studio are proud to support him – as well as the teams and companies surrounding the sport.

The launch event was a great way to meet this year’s team and check out the new Bioracer kit. The team consists of Joe Clark, Tom Knight, Daniel Pullen, Charlie Renshaw, Kieran Savage and Louis Szymanski (below with their new team support car).

The event was hosted by the newest Cycling Sheffield partner – Ambulo. A beautiful all day café for all the family inspired by travel, culture and the best produce from near and far with seasonal dishes made fresh on site. Housed within the crown jewel of Sheffield’s Museum circuit – the Millennium Gallery’s iconic glass front offers a relaxing open plan feel as well as outdoor seating and bar area I intend to make full use of this summer! It was the perfect location and a pleasure to meet James and hear about his future plans for the space as well as his keen interest in this being an active partnership for them. This feeling is unanimous throughout all the partners that were present including Burrows Mazda, MGRW, Mamnick, and Millichamp.

It was great to spend some time with the team and their manager, Dave Coulson and we wish them all luck (not that they will need it) at their next event, The Klondike Grand Prix taking flight from Guisborough this Sunday!

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CYCLING SHEFFIELD 2019 team launch at Ambulo
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