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At the start of this ‘Month of Design’, we had a lot of work to do, as the month went on we became inundated with new requests for help while existing projects started to accelerate towards deadlines and launches – So our own marketing, blogging and general getting ourselves out there has taken a back seat.

This blog, for example, was supposed to be about Return on Investment – but y’know that isn’t very designer-y.

So instead, in the two minutes I have available, I’ve decided not to talk about ROI – if Design didn’t pay for itself… well – see Paragraph 1 above.

Omni-tech Electronics Brochure 2019During September we have finished a new 60-page catalogue for Omni-tech Electronics – long term client – sells and repairs parts for Busses, Coaches and HGVs – not too glamorous you might think?

They’re a very successful Business to Business enterprise who had an existing brand that we uplifted, added a really nice CMS website ( www.buselectronics.co.uk ) and then, when the client told us that Bus and HGV mechanics / auto electricians didn’t like getting working hands all over their keyboards and iPhone 11 Pro smartphones, when they needed to urgently look up parts, an Old Tech Catalogue was the perfect answer – this month version 3 went to print.

As I write, the World Cycling Championships are happening all over the Northern slice of Gods Own County – we were honoured to be asked by Welcome to Yorkshire to design the quite chunky and info-packed souvenir programme, working closely with expert Cycling writer Chris Sidwells

Every day there is something coming soon – at least four new customer websites to be launched in October, two new commercial brandings, a physical marketing tool which we can guarantee will be a true original in its industry – and later in October we will be able to reveal a complete renaming and rebranding of an international organization – which we are getting very excited about…in a cool and calm professional manner.

We haven’t shown you as much as we would like in our Month of Design but I promise we will post every project hinted at above as soon as the clients let us.

Oh yes! Return on Investment…. Watch this space!