You Can't Be Everybody's Cup of Tea.

The best ideas are wasted on people who can’t use your product.

Without being pedantic, about brand awareness and word of mouth – those conversations between non-customers and their friends who may become customers – if you aren’t pushing the right buttons with people who need what you do, you can bet your bottom quid your competitors will be.

Although most businesses will take money from anyone who wants to spend it because…well that’s business – what you really want are customers who will say nice things about you, and, if you have that kind of product or service, become repeat customers, if not the ultimate loyal fan.

Loyal customers will pay more, allow themselves to be inconvenienced and defend their decision to do business with you – even when criticized for doing so – how many iPhones or Samsung Galaxies have you had now? There you go then.

Repeat Customers only buy again because no one has pointed out a cheaper or more convenient alternative… so if you want to be constantly involved in a race to the bottom…

Depending on how customer facing you are, as owner managers usually are – or how much you care about staff who are customer facing – you also need customers you want to work with: Folk who don’t waste your time, don’t complain about nothing and appreciate the great service you provide – we’re assuming your service is great?

If you would like to find that perfect blend and discover how we would propose you achieve all this – give us a bell and we’ll put the kettle on.

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