Buy before you try?
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One question was running through my mind as we were adding Testimonials to our re-invented website.

How do you gauge quality before you buy?

In a world where there are no editors to stop anyone publishing a “book” on line, no Buyer deciding how the unlimited shelf space of the internet should be filled, no way of knowing if complimentary reviews are genuine or even paid for – no barrier at all to promoting poor quality, bad service, lack of experience or knowledge, until the product is delivered or the service is rendered …is it at best, an educated guess?

The 2019 version of our website carries (as always) the words of clients from 2018/19 echoing all the way back to the 90’s – one even slipped in from the early 1980s! Relevant for the purposes of nostalgia and establishing it’s a very personal business that relies on “having been around a while”.

As we never “pitch” visuals for free – and wouldn’t work with anyone who would expect us to, our portfolio is only relevant as an indication, because every project is different, it only really leaves testimonials – and those alone aren’t enough to build trust – we have always known this, but they are the only way to give new customers the confidence to meet with us in the first place – that and never offering a quick online website building service or a drag and drop clip art logo “design” product – “as advertised on TV”.

If you want to be happy, want you to be fully involved and recognise a return on your investment…

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