Appreciation, who needs it?
Who is this for? Anyone in business
What is it About? Passion & appreciation
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Ok we’re creatives so it’s all about the work, the passion, oh! And the money – just because we’re artists doesn’t mean we can live on fresh air. So do we need to be appreciated by clients as well? Or is that asking too much?

During the many projects I’ve worked on for Blue Strawberry Elephant we’ve experienced many reactions when the job is coming to a close. 99% of clients are over the moon and can’t praise us enough but others, lets say, keep something back. This could be a business strategy on their part “never show them your belly” or in other words, don’t let your designer know they’ve done a great job in case you plan on throwing them under the bus at a later date. Opinions start to change when the subject of payment comes up and I’m sure I’m not the only person in this industry to experience this.


It’s an old school technique, which some people – that 1% – may try on with a trade’s person, let’s say a new bathroom has been installed. The bathroom installation professional hired has removed the dustsheets and packed away their tools and is surveying the shiny new bathroom. The bill is the bill, the customer knows how much you should be handing over but something sticks in their throat. They start looking for faults; does the toilet flush properly? That tap looks a bit loose, not sure they’re 100% happy with the colour of the tiles now they think about it. An attempt is made to negotiate a discount. If there was a major problem they would be justified, but the fact is there isn’t. The full amount is eventually handed over – but what they’ve done is sour the relationship right at the very end. After everything the customer has been through. The excitement of looking at the room when it has been gutted and is a dusty blank canvas ready for the shiny new tiles they picked to go on the wall and that fancy matt black tap they spent days searching for to be installed. All the cups of tea made and the chats about football and politics before the trades get down to work. It’s doubtful that customer will need their services again but the bathroom fitter will have experienced this a thousand times before and maybe, they were hoping this time, they’d stand back, side to side with the client and admire what they’ve accomplished – knowing the client feels the same way – before that customer takes out their needle of doubt and pops the plumbers balloon.


But should the tradesmen and women care? They’ve done a job and they’ve been paid the going rate for it (eventually) what good does praise do? Thank yous and It looks amazings don’t put petrol in the van after all.


It all goes back to childhood.


Imagine spending hours with your crayons at the dining room table as a 5 year old, drawing the best ever picture of a policeman in a spaceship flying over the moon and holding it up for your mum to have a look at and for her to cock her head to one side and say…


“What’s that supposed to be? That’s not going on the fridge until the policeman’s arms are the right length and he has 4 fingers and 2 thumbs”


People put themselves into their work, it’s what is known as being passionate. Do we need appreciation? We don’t but it makes things so much nicer.

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