Adapting business behaviour
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What is it About? Adapting business behaviour
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This was first posted on Facebook in 2016

Adapting business behaviour

I was a slow learner when it came to reading. My mother – concerned about this, as she was about every aspect of our education, took to sitting on the end of my bed, knitting, while I read aloud from Shadow the Sheepdog by Enid Blyton.

I remember asking her what “had had” meant – anyway her efforts must have worked because I haven’t stopped reading – or writing – since.

The first thing I wrote sans pencil was on my mothers’ Imperial typewriter – which she bought when we were old enough to be left alone and she could go back to work.

The typewriter came with an “apron” that fitted over the machine while allowing access for the hands, so she could practice her touch typing without being able to look at the keys – her eyes needed to be on the notes she had made in Pitman Shorthand.

I could never do that.

For those who don’t remember typewriters, the big mechanical keys had to be hit with some force, the ribbons were a nightmare and the quality of the print was not great – but no one knew any better.

You couldn’t save your work, copy and paste or send it anywhere unless you folded it up and posted it.

Tippex! Now there was a joy.

Since then I’ve worked on all the keyboards you all have – each better than the ones before.

This, I am typing on a touch screen, which is another thing again – but in January I changed my work machine from a Dell laptop with a typical laptop keyboard to a MacBook Pro.

I didn’t like it – it was too different – I still have the Dell and have to revert to it every now and then for work I’ve left on there – but after getting used to the Mac with its keys no more than a millimetre above the surface the Dell feels as old fashioned and clunky as my Mums old Imperial typewriter.

How easily we move to the new, adapt to the ease and forget how hard we used to work.

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