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What is it About? Why do I need a website
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Why do I need a website

There’s no denying that branding is both the foundation and core of any successful business model, it inspires teams and promotes your values as a company to ensure the world sees you, the way you see yourself! Everything else – Signage, Liveries, Sales Literature….and of course, a website – are “vehicles” to carry your Brand to your Audience. But not just any website will work, THE RIGHT website for YOUR business is essential for business growth.

The advantages and financial benefit proven from having the right website for your business are too high to ignore –a shocking 1.98 million small businesses in the UK still do business without a website. Statistics from B2B comparison site, Approved Index, found the 1.98 million SMEs operating without a website are losing out on a collective £343 Billion in extra turnover were a website to be introduced. That’s an average £173,769 additional annual turnover per business. These statistics evidence the dramatic impact a website can have for a business.

So why do websites provide higher turnovers? It really comes down as promised, to these 8 key points

  1. Global Reach: websites open your business to the world, you basically become a store than never closes its doors- distance, time zones and your physical availability are no longer obstacles. Anybody who has access to the Internet can see and interact with your business at any time of day. A larger audience reach increases the chance of leads, conversions and sales.


  1. Improves Business Credibility:The UK office for National Statistics found in 2017, 71% of adult Internet users accessed the Internet to specifically find information about goods and services. With a common pattern of behaviour, this statistic shows that consumers of the digital age are likely to resonate more with a business which is visible online. Given the scandals surrounding some social sites in recent years, customers are spending more time on sites, doing more detailed research about the companies they do business with- making sure your site does your company justice and conveys your beliefs and messages has never been so important.


  1. Effective Marketing Tool:A website works as a 24/7 marketing tool, keeping your Brand out there after working hours. Websites also provide analytical data that can be evaluated to measure effectiveness – adapting strategies to increase business visibility and brand awareness. Such data insights are often lost in offline communications.


  1. Your Audience can be made Aware of Everything you Offer:The right website can work as an online catalogue for all your goods, products and services ensuring potential customers don’t consider you as a supplier because they “didn’t know you did that”.


  1. Offers Alternative Revenue Streams such as E-Commerce: Websites offer integrated payment platforms to increase opportunity and accessibility for online sales. This is becoming a big thing on social media too and some of the plugins you use for websites are able to interact with your social media too – updating products you have amended on your website for you.


  1. An Effective Management Tool:An E-Commerce website can keep control of your stock, bookings, contacts and appointments on an easy to navigate platform – reducing inaccuracies to ensure a hassle free experience for the user.


  1. Two-way Communication:A website provides a platform for communications between you and the customer via contact forms and comments boxes – providing a valuable insight into how your audience perceive your businesses; information invaluable for future marketing campaigns.


  1. Make your Mark in the Digital Sphere:With 90% of UK households having Internet access, a website ensures over 24million Internet users have access to your business. Not to mention that 4 in 5 adults in the UK now own a smart phone, making internet access only a tap away at all times of the day.

These 8 reasons are just the key advantages of having a website – they will continue to grow with technical advances.

So, why do I need a website?

The truth is, having a professional user friendly website – tailored for your audience firmly placing your brand in their minds – is a necessity in the digital age of business.

We can help you develop an effective website solution for your business, designed with every feature you need to capture your target audience and take your business to the next level. If it’s something you want to discuss, why not give us a call.

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