What’s Make Yourself More Visible all about? MYMV is a program launched by us here at Blue Strawberry Elephant, seeking to show businesses the creative factors required to make your business more visible in a congested environment. We’ll be running a series of blogs exploring the letters in VISIBLE and how we creatively interpret them. Let’s start by looking at what V in Visible means to us……


Imagine your business isn’t online.

It has no shop front. 

You work in a small office, with no sign on the door.

To find you, customers have to move industrial waste bins out of the way, go through a small archway to a narrow unlit alley, before negotiating three tight corners until they arrive at your premises, at the end of the alley.

But they don’t enter because the lights are off and it looks like no one’s home.


Pretty extreme example?  

You’d be surprised how little some businesses promote themselves.

And you might think “but we advertise, we have a phone number, customers can call us!”


There was an oft used slogan in the 1970’s: 

“A Business With No Sign is a Sign Of No Business!”


Today that would have to be: 

“A Business With No: Branding, Website, Sign, Advertising, Email Campaigns, Direct Mail, Social Media Presence …is a sign of No Business.”


Even with all that – you could still be more visible – because it isn’t just the quantity of touch points, but the quality and the concepts that make you REALLY visible – more visible than your competition.

Here at Blue Strawberry Elephant we understand why successful businesses resonate with quality integrated design, quality planning and customer experience. This differentiates our client partners within their crowded industries.

For a quarter of a century, we’ve worked with businesses from varying industry sectors including; engineering, healthcare, education, recruitment, sports, software development…. this cross fertilisation of ideas and experience means we are adept at bringing new ideas to the table whatever your sector.


So if you’re at the beginning of your business venture, or looking to take your business to the next level, maybe you should be asking us to Make You More Visible.