This month’s (year’s) least favourite word is “Uncertainty.”

Every business blog coming out of that London seems to start “In these uncertain times” or “we need certainty”. Deborah Egan of Dragon fame rocked up on Sunday Brunch to let us know how uncertain she is. The girls on Take Me Out are certainly uncertain.


If Ibiza claimed independence from Spain and told the EU to get stuffed, every business on the island would be panicking about the influx of seasonal workers that invade the place every year – would they still be allowed in? But you can bet those workers would still find their way there.

Even if they didn’t – as bad comparisons go – the UK is not the clubbing capital of the Med.

British businesses, on repeat trade routes to or through the EU are right to be seeking comfort from Government, but they’re also preparing contingency plans for handling new or different paper trails – either way neither they nor their customers are likely to let politicians and bureaucrats stop them trading.

In other words – it will all come out in the wash.

I mention this, because along with a lot of SMEs we will soon be making Yorkshire Tea for our bod from the Department for International Trade.

Once again – as they have before, when branded UKTI, they will come along, tell us what new support and incentives are available and once again another one or two of our clients will look at the benefits of that availability – and we’ll be telling them to grab whatever it is with both hands!

The only way new opportunities present themselves is through change – change is good – it’s just about being prepared for it.

Be prepared for anything and it is certain nothing will stop you.

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