Social Media is what you have to have as a business.
Just as ten years ago what you had to have was a website.
Just as 25 years ago what you had to have was a Yellow Pages ad.

DON’T argue with The Guru!! You HAVE to have it!

Except you might not.

Yes I know we have a Face Book Page and a Linkedin Page and an Instagram account and a Twitter Feed – but really?

We don’t NEED any of it. If half of our current client list introduced us to one other company with a simple
“use these, they’re really good” passing comment – we would be booked in advance for the next trillion years!

Or three – ok yes – three years.

If you have a shop on a street in a small town or village, where 500 to a thousand people walk past a couple of times each day, and passing motorists can easily park close by – you don’t need a Facebook Page. You’re already Facing them! You don’t need a website – why would anyone need to Google you when they can look through the window, or open the door and shout “Oi Fred have you got any….”.

Ok, if your shop is in a tourist trap, you might like a single page website:

“While you’re in Buntwater On Sea, why not call at Fred’s Hardcore Grocery Wine & Ware shop? Milk, Cycle Saddles, Hawaiian Shirts and Ukulele’s a speciality”

Then again you could just wait till they arrive and put a poster in the window:

“Holiday Makers and Day Trippers, annoying though you are, your money is Welcome Here!”

This is the point. On a personal level, social media can be fun(ish) – keep in touch with folk you don’t see from one year to the next, make new friends, have a row or a rant, agree with like minded ranters and “like” what they posted – or simply post a picture of a cat …

“This is a Picture of my Cat”

…But for the shop you are going to buy one day in Buntwater on Sea?

When you talk to us, about whatever it is you need to support your sales and marketing efforts,  because that is really what it is all about – we MAY suggest social media is for you – we may suggest a lot of things. We’ll certainly put together a tailored proposal that is right for your business, in your industry, taking into account your uniqueness – which we will help you find if you don’t know where you left it.

What we won’t do is simply turn up with a list of  “…what you have to have”  because you might not have to have it. Why spend time on what you don’t need, when you could be directing that time to what you do need, and spending your spare time posting pictures of pets?

Talk to us – we’re nice like that.


(its not really my cat)

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