Valve Express

Project Details


Working closely with Valve & Process Solutions to build a brand, real world and online presence has been a great experience.


V&PS have expanded into new premises, added new members to the team and are now the agents and distributors of choice for World leading manufacturers.Their strength has always been the added value of advice and custom built combinations of products.


This year the company recognised that there was an opportunity to extend that consultancy work without further additional staff or overhead (immediately) by providing an online platform for customers to buy quality products quickly when advice wasn’t needed.


So they turned again to Blue Strawberry Elephant to create a sister brand “Valve Express” and a fully functioning e-commerce website. Launched in February 2016 the site is already gaining popularity with buyers who know what they want – and V&PS once again has taken another leap forward!

  • Date: November 2015 – Present
  • Client: Valve & Process Solutions
  • Link:

Branding, Creative, Print, Web


e-commerce, Online store, promotional print