Saint Pius X Catholic High School

Project Details


After hearing good things about Blue Strawberry Elephant from other schools, Saint Pius X Catholic High School in Rotherham were naturally keen to work with us.


We were tasked with developing a total rebrand including the main school logo, logos for each house, website and replacing all their old, dull signage with shiny new signage before the pupils came back for term in 2016. In order to do this we researched Pope Pius the Tenth intensely and tried to establish a link between the schools values and the iconography and imagery associated with the Pope. After presenting the school with a number of variations and much deliberation it was decided the version you see here with the simplified papal crowns and the navy and gold colour scheme was the one they wanted.


The Crest

When we first got involved the only version of the previous logo the school had access to was a small, pixelated jpeg which was used on everything from letterheads to Facebook to the official website. We proposed, rather than get rid of it altogether we would redraw it so it could still be used but in a more appropriate way. The new, redrawn crest will now sit proudly at the top of achievement certificates and has potential to be used elsewhere around the school scaled up to however big they need it to be. The school now has a full suite of logos and colours, which are appropriate to medium in which they are used.



The Website was developed in close partnership with the schools IT department. We have used WordPress as a base to ensure the school can easily update it in house rather than relying on someone else to keep it up to date. The website can now be used as an effective tool in tandem with social media to communicate with Parents and students rather than being there just to hold the required policy documents and contact information.


  • Date: September 2015 – January 2016
  • Client: Saint Pius X Catholic High School
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