Melanin fest

The organisers of Melanin Fest approached us to create a fresh brand which would help promote their new festival starting in October 2017. The festival consists of a number of events in venues across Sheffield to celebrate black history month.


We created a suite of logos for use in print and on social media, we also created a number of promotional images which were used on Facebook and Instagram. We even created a Snapchat Filter.


We also tied this in with the branding or “Our Mel” which is the company who organise the festival.


This is how they describe themselves


Rooted in Yorkshire and based in Sheffield, Our Mel is a grassroots volunteer community dedicated to exploring cultural identity, Black history and what it means to be a person of colour in Britain today.

Inspired by two local lasses on a journey of self-love, Our Mel was born in November 2016 over a pack of caramel biscuits and a cup of tea, Yorkshire of course.


Definitely our kind of people


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