Ecclesfield School

Project Details


As branding projects go Ecclesfield School’s new image, internal, external signage and corridor wrapping large format displays for every subject taught, was EPIC!

The aim was to create an inclusive, forward looking brand as a mark of the schools professional standards and visual displays that would inspire both students and faculty, while giving everyone using the school a visually exciting environment in which to work, learn and discover the World these young minds are being prepared for.

In any institution (never mind one of the largest schools in the region) full of imaginative intelligent people, opinions and tastes are very broad – the only way for the project to be completed within the timescale required was to allow Blue Strawberry Elephant the freedom to “design at will” and then work with the head teacher, business manager and staff on amendments and tweaks in specific subjects.


Apart from the permanent and semi -permanent signage and displays the roll out of the brand covers most aspects of everyday life at the school, from Uniform insignia to Samba Drums (yes really) this was hard work but great fun.


Ecclesfield is a great school with major ambitions for its students, it is great to be able to work with and support their vision of the future.

“With their visionary, innovative design and attention to detail, Blue Strawberry Elephant have helped transform our school. They bring consistent, quirky yet harmonious purpose and a wealth of experience to their work and their eye-catching designs have helped make our school ethos visual and visible for our students. Highly recommended”


Joel Wirth
Ecclesfield School



Branding, Creative, Print, Signage, Web


Branding, Copywriting, Internal usage support, Prospectus, Secondary House and Department Brands, Signage, Stationery