What are your plans for May 3rd – May 6th 2018 – nothing yet I hear you say – well grab your diary and a permanent marker (yes you won’t need to rub this out) and input The Tour De Yorkshire 2018 – it’s something you don’t want to miss! 

The full route of Tour de Yorkshire 2018 was announced last week and here at Blue Strawberry Elephant we’re very excited about it – not only because it is becoming one of the most iconic International cycling events in the race calendar but also because our Marc, has been appointed Finish Line Judge for the THIRD YEAR RUNNING!  

Tour de Yorkshire was first established in 2015 following the highly successful Yorkshire Grand de Part of Tour de France in 2014.

Since its founding, Tour de Yorkshire has become famous within the cycling community and has continued to grow in popularity, with over 2.2million spectators in 2017. Our Marc has been involved since day one – organising the women’s race in 2015 and carrying out the highly responsible position as the finish line judge in 2016 and 2017. This is why we feel it’s our duty to keep you updated with our perspective of the upcoming race – so you can get as enthusiastic about it as we are!

The 2018 event promises even more thrilling action as it was revealed last week a fourth racing stage will be added – extending the route from 490 kilometres to 711 kilometres – taking the competition from a three to four day event (subject to Marc being given the time off!) That means more cycling action and viewing opportunities… and no excuse for not getting involved!

Stage 1 takes racers on a 182km ride from Beverly to Doncaster, Stage 2 projects 149km from Barnsley to Ilkley, Stage 3 boasts 184km from Richmond to Scarborough, and the fourth and final Stage takes the crown with 189.5km from Halifax to Leeds; where the riders will speed through the finish line and grab that well deserved Yorkshire ale! Not only has the length increased, but this new route sees riders tackle 7,800m of climbing over the four stages – Yorkshire’s famous for its “rolling” hills for a reason!

Amongst this nail biting, rip-roaring race, our Marc will be doing some speeding of his own, on the back of a motorbike for a change – at the front of the race. Following the riders continuously across the four days, Marc will be responsible for tracking and scoring the top 3 riders at designated points within each stage to ultimately crown the winner of the competition.

These points include the hill climbs aka King of the Mountain and speed points aka Intermediate Sprint. This prestigious and thrilling role has been granted to Marc for the third year running given his commitment, experience and involvement within the cycling community – not only is he a National Commissaire with British Cycling but also the director and organiser of the Sheffield Grand Prix – another electric cycling event across Sheffield town centre which attracts over 100 riders.

So now you know where the Blue Strawberry Elephant team will be heading the first weekend of May 2018, why don’t you join us and cheer on the riders (and our Marc, he likes cheers too!).  

(For the uninitiated – “Our Marc” is also known as Marc Etches – one of our Directors at Blue Strawberry Elephant.)

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