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A high-octane program for small and medium sized businesses or, larger businesses that currently have no dedicated marketing strategy.

MYMV runs through everything you do, where you need to be seen, how, when and who by.

It finds the holes across all your current Touch Points and processes – if there are no holes it will tell you – then suggest how your touch points can be made better. MYMV puts in place the foundation for Brand Building and provides an initial strategy for Creative Marketing to support both Touch Points and Brand Awareness.


Touch Points: This is the industry term for all the places your customers are likely to interact, see you, or simply come across your company.

Creative Marketing: Is the proactive visible formats and messages that explain what you do in the most positive and exciting way – pre, through and post sales.

Brand Building: is the method used to be increasingly recognised by image and name, without having to explain what it is you do or the quality with which you do it. Helping you to attract new business and retain existing customers.

Blue Strawberry Elephant are Subject Matter Experts in all these areas – our Make Yourself More Visible program brings everything together in one straightforward tonic, to boost your business and lift you to your next level.

Make Yourself More Visible is not a “quick fix” it is a tailored package and the start of what may become a long-term relationship, with a long established Creative Design and Marketing company.

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