Every now and then we all get the opportunity to refer someone to someone else. 

Many in business have made a profession out of “networking” – to me, its just something you do – help people out, introduce one person you like to another person you like, as and when a need arises.

A couple of years ago I introduced two of our friends to each other, both nice guys, both running established SMEs, each of whom have passed me very useful information, insights and contacts over the years.

What’s Make Yourself More Visible all about? MYMV is a program launched by us here at Blue Strawberry Elephant, seeking to show businesses the creative factors required to make your business more visible in a congested environment. We’ll be running a series of blogs exploring the letters in VISIBLE and how we creatively interpret them. Let’s start by looking at what V in Visible means to us……

This week we’re looking at the second letter in VISIBLE for our program Make Yourself More Visible. If you haven’t heard of it, where have you been? Here at Blue Strawberry Elephant we believe increasing your visibility in the market comes from a combination of creative factors. Each week we’re exploring a letter of VISIBLE and what it means to us as creatives. Today we’ve denoted one of the “I’s” in VISIBLE as Insight.

Being social is an integral part of everyday life –it keeps us happy, motivated and enables us to develop. But being social is no longer just physical, there’s a whole other world waiting to socialize online and your business  should be a part of it. This week’s installment of our Make Yourself More Visible programme looks at the S in visible as the art of being social in your business…..


Blue Strawberry Elephant Towers is shared with an eclectic mix of owner managed micro businesses.

Apart from the obligatory financial services, there’s a 3d Printer, Expo stand builder, Mobile Bar for weddings and events service, an IT company and a Gym, amongst others..

One such other is Just Preserves – manufacturer of artisan jams, marmalades, chutneys and mustards – whose owner/ manager / chief onion peeler, is Matt Hulley.

“For the last 10 years we’ve been talking about how technology and the “digital age” have changed everything. But now it’s going to get very real. Right now the business world (is continuing) to have break-throughs in speech recognition, automation, robotics, logistics, processing power, data management… A tipping point has (been) hit…
Daniel Priestley. Entrepreneur and bestselling author.