This week we’re looking at the second letter in VISIBLE for our program Make Yourself More Visible. If you haven’t heard of it, where have you been? Here at Blue Strawberry Elephant we believe increasing your visibility in the market comes from a combination of creative factors. Each week we’re exploring a letter of VISIBLE and what it means to us as creatives. Today we’ve denoted one of the “I’s” in VISIBLE as Insight.

The art of insight is just one of the advantages of working with us at Blue Strawberry Elephant. Given our many years in the creative industry, we’ve pretty much been there, done that in all avenues of design and branding. This means we’ve got bundles of experience and evidence based answers for what does and what doesn’t work when developing your brand.

How many times have you seen a logo that looked similar to something else? Repetitions in design are common in today’s creative landscape. Logos are produced in a matter of hours without any true idea of the business goals. The prices offered from these designs may be cheaper but is anything ever worth the money if it doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd?


Through years of practice, we understand a successful creative process involves 3 things:

  • Taking the time to sit with you to discuss your goals
  • Visiting your business environment to gain a true feel for what you’re all about
  • Keeping you intertwined with the creative process every step of the way


It’s your dream after all.


When we gain insight into your business plan, you gain our insight into the industry – giving you the winning combination to feel like Charlie Bucket with the golden ticket to success.

When your business needs to stand out – whatever the brief and whatever the budget – come to the agency where knowledge has been acquired and learnt.

With experience, we’ve got the edge over the new wave of young hipster creative agencies cropping up all over the world.