Glass has never been more fashionable – interior partitions instead of walls – huge floating facades of glass enveloping office blocks.  It saves electricity bills for light and heat and provides a view that gives everyone something to look at.

Light promotes well being.

Of course there are issues such as fading – Light, UV rays and Heat will fade wood, laminate and carpeted floors, as well as furniture: Quick answer – don’t lose the view by installing blinds – install film. It comes in a range of grades and colours and can enhance the look of the building – if your architect didn’t think of it, retro fitting isn’t that difficult – or that expensive.

“3M Solar Window Film can reduce solar heat gain and help to create a balanced environment in buildings, especially in the summer months, when the films can help to reduce the workload of cooling systems and save energy costs.”

Other Films are available.

But Glass is also a branding opportunity many don’t think of.

For a long time the only option available for a design or sign on a window itself, was to use etch effect self adhesive vinyl (you may know this as “obscuring film”)  with the design cut out of it to leave parts of the clear glass showing through – we know it as etch effect because it mimics the acid etched designs you can still see on some old pub windows.

Now, advances in digital printing allow us to offer colourful alternatives.

Optical Clear Window Film is basically a self adhesive vinyl that can be digitally printed, cut to shape – if the whole window or glass panel doesn’t need covering – and (if it isn’t one of the cheap films out there) the cut edge is virtually invisible; giving the effect that the design is part of the glass itself.

Two things to think about:

1) Manifestations on glass can be as solid and non see through as you wish, or any level of transparent, allowing the colours to illuminate the room, in the way stained glass might in a church. It is always good to discuss the effect you are looking for before we discuss the design, branding elements or message.

2) The other thing is privacy. If you want a branded design on the window or glass wall around your building, is one of the reasons to restrict the view from the outside?

There are films, such as the tinted windows you have seen in cars, where the passengers can look out but passers by can’t see in – this also work for buildings, until you turn a light on.

An alternative to a plain film or Optical Clear is another printable film you will see wrapped around fully liveried cars and running over bus windows – again the effect created is a one way window – but this film, generically called Contravision, has to be fully printed and adhered to the outside of the window.

We have used this as a safety treatment for glass doors onto the street, so passers by can’t look in, but staff can look out before opening the door. It has the added advantage of promoting your brand image or advertising message – or simple instructions as to which door the public can use.


There are many applications for printed window films and many reasons you may want to have them installed.

When you talk to us about your branding, windows are an opportunity you should be looking into.

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